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Image by: Rodrigo Lourenco


With cooler weather slowly creeping in, Toronto's restaurant owners are coming up with innovative ways to keep open their doors while keeping diners safe and warm. Toronto is known for its unforgiving winters, but restaurant owners are proving resilient with creative solutions like creating heated outdoor patios.


With city lawmakers easing restrictions on patio areas, hungry residents can enjoy their favourite restaurants and support local businesses while practicing safe measures. 

Check out this restaurant for a heated outdoor patio dining experience in Toronto! 


Fet Zun

Fet Zun, which translates to 'fat son' in Yiddish, is one of three restaurants owned by restaurateur Anthony Rose in Toronto. This charming and rustic spot serves Middle Eastern slick hot mezes, mouth-watering shareables, and doughy pita. The restaurant finds direct inspiration from the lively and bustling markets of Turkey and Morrocco, bringing zest to the cold winter months in Toronto. 


Recently, Fet Zun set up fire pits and covered tent-like pods to protect diners from rain and keep them warm in the colder months. This makeshift 'Fet Zun camp' ensures six-feet distance in between all seating areas and provides guests with blankets, electric heaters, and propane heaters. During the daytime, the fire pits are also used to grill ingredients like eggplant, lamb, and cabbage for a unique dining experience. 


Rose is preparing his two other restaurants for open-air dining. Fat Pasha, a restaurant blending Israeli and Sephardic cuisine, is ready for guests with its covered patio and table-side heaters. And Rose's revived Big Crow restaurant will soon tear down its front wall to offer open-air dining to its customers. 


Many other restaurants in the six are following suit. Local foodie Tastethesix has compiled a growing list of all Toronto restaurants offering patio service, included heated outdoor patio areas. Check out the full list of restaurants. 


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