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posted by: Super 5 Inn on: July 24, 2021

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It’s officially summer in Toronto, and that means it’s time to plan how you’re going to spend it. Now that the pandemic is under control, there are plenty of fun (and safe) activities to partake in. From a day trip to the best theme park in Canada to trying out a new sport on the Bentway, check out the top 3 things to do in Toronto this August.

Adventure at Canada’s Wonderland

Adventure awaits at one of Canada’s largest amusement parks, Canada’s Wonderland. If you're a fan of rides, then travelling to Vaughan and spending the day at Canada’s Wonderland should be on your summer bucket list. Daring rides (that aren’t for the faint of heart) include the Leviathan, the Behemoth, Vortex, and the Yukon Striker. 

Roller Skating at The Bentway

Learn a new skill this summer by trying your hand at roller skating on the Bentway. Retro Rolla has taken up residence where the winter ice skating rink usually is, making it the perfect spot to test out your roller skating abilities. Skates come in bright colours and can be rented by the hour. Reservations are available online and protective equipment, such as helmets and knee pads is also available for rent. 

Dinner at the Gardens at Casa Loma

Don’t miss out on the most beautiful patio in the city. For those that don’t know, Casa Loma (Toronto’s very own castle) has an on-site restaurant. Not only is the food delicious, but in the summer, the patio is set among their scenic, lush gardens. The restaurant is now accepting reservations and is open daily (book now, as garden reservations will close in early September). Be prepared to dine on everything from seared fennel-crusted tuna and organic chicken supreme to strawberry pavlova and banana beignets for dessert. 


If you plan on visiting Toronto this summer, then be sure to check out the activities above. And if you need a place to stay during your visit, we’d love to host you at the Super 5 Inn Toronto.

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